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    • 7 day prayer candles (dual-sided/1 color)

    • 7 day solid color candles

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    • 14 day solid color candles

    • 7 day prayer prepared candles

    • 7 day scented candles

    • 50 hour glass candles

    • 8 x 72 candles

    • image candles

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Ana's Botanica

154 Heyward St.
Brentwood NY, 11717

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sundays: Closed




All these candles are  7 day prayer candles.  Most candles are dual-sided, meaning Spanish on one side and English on the other side.  Cost of all these candles is $4.50 each.

Adam & Eve Ajo Macho San Alejo Altagracia
Adam & Eve  Garlic St.  Alex Lady of High Grace
Amina Sola St. Anna St. Anthony San Aparicio
Lonely Soul  St. Anne St. Anthony  St. Sebastian
St. Barbara St. Barbara African Bingo Black Cat
St. Barbera African Barbera  Bingo Black Cat
Black List Block Breaker La Candelaria Caridad


Black list

(Destruction Upon

My enemies)

Block Breaker  La Candelaria Lady of Charity
St. Carlos Chinese Magic St. Christopher St. Clara
St. Charles Chinese Magic St. Christopher  St. Clare
Controlling Court Case Cristo Salud Cross of Caravacas
Controlling Court Case Holy Christ
of Health
Cross of Caravaca
http://crusadercandlesco.com/candles/7day/images_7day/deschacedor.jpg Desenvolvimiento Divino Nino La Dolorosa
St. Undoer Uncrossing Divine Child Lady of Sorrows
Dragon Eleggua St. Elena St. Elias
Dragonís Blood Eleggua St. Helen St. Elijah
St. Expedito St. Francis Gran Poder Guadalupe
St. Expedite St. Francis Great Power Guadalupe
http://crusadercandlesco.com/candles/7day/images_7day/guardianangel.jpg Gregorio High John the Conqueror Indian Head
Guardian Angel Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez High John the Conqueror Indian Red
Indian House Blessing Infant of Prague Jerusalem St. John the Baptist
Indian Blessing Infant of  Prague Jerusalem St. John the Bapist
St. Joseph St. Jude Justo Juez Lady of Mt. Carmel
St. Joseph St. Jude Tadeo Just Judge Lady of Mount Carmel
Lady of Perpetual Help Lazarus Lord's Prayer Loretta
Mother of Perpetual Help St. Lazarus Lordís Prayer Lady of  Laurel
Lotto Love Drawing Lucky 7/11 St. Lucy
Lotto Love Lucky 7-11 St. Lucy
La Madama St. Marcos St. Martha Martha Dominadora
The  Madam St. Mark the Lion St. Martha St. Martha the  Dominator
St. Martin Las Mercedes St. Michael Los Milagros
St. Martin de Porres Lady of Mercy St. Michael Lord of  the Miracles
La Milagrosa Nino Atocha Open Road Pancracio
Virgen of Miracles Child of Atocha Open Road St. Pancras
Peace (Paz) St. Peter St. Rafael V. Del Regla
Peace  St. Peter St. Raphael

Lady of Regla

Sacred Heart Santiago Skull (D.U.M.E.) Steady Work
Sacred Heart of Jesus St. Santiago

(Destruction Upon My Enemies)      

Steady Work
St. Teresa 23rd Psalm Yemaya  
St. Theresa Psalm 23 Yemaya
Goddess of the sea





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